Slot games have changed dramatically over the years. There are now many different versions and they come with a lot of different ways to create a win.

Classic Slots

The classic slots are the ones that are considered as the traditional slots. Many years ago the traditional slot game consisted of three reels and a one-line payout. The icons consisted of a variety of different fruits. The hopes were to line up three of the same fruits on the pay line to generate a win. They have come a long way since then. There are still many slot players that enjoy this simple but exciting version of slot games. For this reason, many of the online casinos make sure that they have a selection of the classic slots available.

Fruit Slots

The fruit icons date back to many of the original versions of slot machines. The newer slot games using these have advanced the machines by adding more twists to the games. As well as bonuses. They have added more pay lines and winning combinations.

3D Slots

These are some of the latest versions offering dynamic slot play. The big focus is on the graphics and the soundtracks. Many of the graphics in the 3D slots are highly realistic. Some of the icons look as though they are going to jump out at the player. They tend to have some of the same attributes as what video games have.

Video Slots

Video slots don’t have any parts to them that move. All of the movement appears in the graphics. It allows for more reels which means a lot more symbols can be used. In turn, it allows for more winning combinations.

Knowing which one to choose to play all comes down to personal preference. Those that like a lot of graphics will want to go with some of the newer versions.