postheadericon Rise of online casinos

The rise and fall in the business of casino gambling games have been spectacular. Once the gambling games used to be played among a few elites and the brick and mortar casino houses used to be located in posh tourist destinations and that too at star hotels. As such the casino houses were not within the reach of the ordinary mass. They knew about the gambling games played in the casino houses only through the Hollywood movies that used to depict games such as roulette in various movies centering round some crime plots.

The first casino

The first casino house was built in Las Vegas in the year 1941. This casino houses had to give way to their modern incarnation by the year 1992 when all the older casino houses had to be demolished. The same story is going to be repeated with the onslaught of online casino web sites. You can now find online web sites for the gambling games sprouted in all the corners of the internet. If you happen to search for the casino web sites you will be surprised with the result giving you 27 million options to choose from. This sheer volume of the web sites speaks the magnitude of the popularity of the online casino web sites among the masses. The first online casino came into existence in the year 1996 when an amount of $17 million was wagered in the gambling games online. Now you will find a staggering $3 billion wagering through the online casino web sites.

The experts in the field have estimated that an amount of a trillion dollars get spent in these web sites every year through the online casinos all over the world. The internet is being used by more and more people and with the increase of internet users worldwide the popularity of online casino also increases.

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