For those that are new to online casinos, they may get a little overwhelmed at first with all that is offered to them by gameplay. There is usually a whole selection of games to choose from. Some casinos choose to specialize in one category of games. Perhaps slots for examples. The majority tend to offer different categories however.


Among the category of slot games, there are many variations that are often offered. These consist of classic slots, 3D slots and video slots. Some of the casinos also have progressive slots. These are the slots that are famous for their huge payout. The jackpots on these continue to grow as the slot is played. Until someone wins. Then the buildup of the jackpot begins all over again.

Table Games

The table games can vary in the categories that the casino wants to offer. Some of the common games are:

  • Card games. Which includes variations in different types of poker
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

Also, some of the online casinos offer additional arcade games and scratch tickets. Then there are some that have even added bingo to their roster.

Live Casino

Live casino play is another feature that has been added to online casino games. It allows for interaction. The atmosphere it creates is very much like that which is found at an on land casino. Most often the play occurs in real time which adds to the aura of excitement.

With so many different games to choose from it can be a little confusing as what one should choose. The great advantage of the online casino games is the options for choice. A casino enthusiast can visit their favorite site and play some of the table games. Then when they get bored with this they can move onto the slots for awhile. It means that they don’t even have to leave the casino platform to do this.