Most individuals that are looking for an online casino to join will pay close attention to the bonuses that are being offered. The most common one is the welcome bonus. But, there is another common type of bonus often called the loyalty bonus.

What is a Loyalty Bonus?

A loyalty bonus is a reward that is given to members of an online casino. These casinos do this to show their appreciation to their clients. Many online casinos offer a best casino bonus uk reward in order to help keep their clients. If players understand they are going to be able to earn something free from the casino, it encourages them to remain as members and to continue playing.

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

Every casino wants to be unique. They will try and accomplish this through the different types of bonuses that they offer. This includes their loyalty bonuses. One type of loyalty bonus may be based on how much a player deposits during a month. There may be different levels that the loyalty bonus gets applied to. It may work off a point system. For every so many dollars deposited the player gets a certain number of points. When a set number of points are accumulated then the casino will give them a cash bonus. Not to be withdrawn but to be used for game play.

Building Points

Aside from being able to build points through deposits, there may be other opportunities. Some casinos will award points for dollars spent on the slot games. For example, if a player spends £50 on the spots it may earn them 5 points. Or there may be points awarded for playing some of the table games. Each casino will develop their own loyalty program. This can be important for the player who frequents his favorite online casino on a regular basis.